Dr. Öğr. Üys. Sami Çöteli’nin ikinci kitabı olan “Cyber Public Sphere and Social Movements: Calling to Cyber Spaces”, Avrupa’nın saygın akademik yayınevlerinden olan ve Sense Ranking Class B sıralamasında olan Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft  tarafından Almanya’da basıldı.

Dünya’da en çok ses getiren ve dijital çağ ile ortaya çıkan yeni toplumsal hareketleri, dijitalleşme süreci bağlamında ele alan kitap, “sanal kamusal alan” ın tanımını yapmakta ve sosyal medyanın toplumsal hareketlerdeki rolünü, bu kamusal alan düşüncesi ile bir araya getirmektedir.

2018, 132 S., Broschiert,
ISBN 978-3-8487-4913-3

The diversification, politicization of mass media within itself and also societal pressure created by mass media at the social level has caused changes in the social structure. The first change began with the contextual changes of the mass media, and this change led to visible changes in the societies. That is a kind of transformation has almost abolished the distinction between the private and public sphere, especially as social media has entered into our life. The things occurred in the private sphere are easily transported to the public sphere and others’ private sphere. Therefore, the virtual public sphere has emerged through social media and all other practices on the internet. It appears that activist movements either have begun in the cyber world or that existing activist movements have strengthened by finding supporters via social media and blogs. The public sphere and activist movements that come into existence in the virtual environment, such as social media, is a new experience in terms of societies and they are the sign of how the future will be drawn.

It is obvious that social media is now integral part of our daily lives. It is a place where political and secular ideas spread. In this social area each individual has the opportunity to make his own propaganda as if he were on the agora. Shared content represents the position within the virtual life that the individual has built for himself.

This study defines the virtual public sphere together with the virtual activism and the network society additions in the light of the public sphere – private sphere debates.